Dentures and Partial Dentures in Highland Park, IL

Dr. Boshes has extensive experience fabricating, adjusting and repairing both Dentures and Partials. In fact, he was a clinical instructor at Northwestern Dental School’s Department of Removable Prosthesis and won the prestigious Munksgaard Award for Geriatric Dentistry. For the past 29 years, in addition to helping patients at his private office in Highland Park, IL, Dr. Boshes has helped countless seniors at his office in the Presbyterian Homes retirement residences. Through all of this experience with dentures,  Dr. Boshes has learned how to make patients comfortable in a caring and gentle manner.

What are Dentures?

Partial or full dentures can restore your confidence, bring back your smile and make chewing and eating feel normal and comfortable.They are removable dental prosthesis which replace all or some of the natural teeth on top (maxilla) or bottom (mandible). They are designed to resemble natural teeth and are carefully crafted to retain your physical appearance, and enable you to speak and eat with more ease. At Dr. Boshes office, we will work with you to develop your optimum denture plan. The type of dentures you select will greatly depend on your unique dental situation. 

Full dentures

These are worn by a patient who is missing all the teeth on either the maxillary or mandibular arch (top or bottom). The complete dentures cover the entire upper or lower jaw. They are made of a gum-colored base and attached false teeth. There are three types of complete dentures:

●      Conventional dentures

Conventional dentures are recommended for patients who are missing all of their natural teeth. They are made after the remaining teeth have been lost or a short period of time after extractions.

●      Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are for patients who still have teeth to be extracted and don’t want to go without teeth. They are inserted at the time of the final extraction and provide a healing matrix for the gums. Many times this is a coordinated procedure involving your oral surgeon. Immediate dentures provide “instant”  teeth, so aesthetics and eating are not compromised.

●      Overdentures

Overdentures are an excellent restorative choice for many people. They utilize remaining roots and implants to attach to a denture. These dentures “snap” into place and provide excellent retention.

Partial Dentures in Highland Park

Partial dentures are used to restore missing teeth when there are healthy teeth or implants remaining. They are attached to existing teeth or implants with precision attachments or clasps. They also can be immediate, overdenture or conventional. Partials provide you with another excellent way of restoring your smile.

Denture and Partial Care and Maintenance

The care and maintenance of dentures and partials depend on the type of denture/partial that is made for you. Dr. Boshes and his team will explain how to care for them and give you the necessary tools.  Maintaining your dentures in good condition will be important for their longevity.

Dentures may enhance your appearance, boost self-esteem and improve the eating experience. Available in different materials, adapted to every budget, dentures are important for anyone who has lost their teeth. Visit us today to learn more about dentures & partial dentures in Highland Park.

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