Dr. Boshes Offers Invisalign in Highland Park, IL

Correctly aligned teeth are essential for a beautiful smile, as well as for good chewing and proper dental care. If you are struggling with crooked teeth, but you do not feel comfortable wearing traditional wired braces, Invisalign is an alternative to consider. Also, many patients who had traditional braces find their teeth have shifted over time and use Invisalign as an easy way to restore their smile. Invisalign represents the most modern and advanced method of teeth straightening. Invisalign are made of clear plastic and are custom-made to fit your teeth. The treatment involves wearing the clear aligners during the day and at night and removing them for meals. The length of time required will depend on the severity of your case.

How Invisalign Works

After a thorough examination, records are taken using our iTero digital impression system. Those records are then sent to Invisalign where they fabricate a customized computer-generated treatment plan. A 3D model is created that matches the exact design of your treatment plan. The Aligners (invisible braces) are then made into a continuous series that take your crowded teeth and bring them back to a standard position. The Aligners are worn for 20 hours each day, for two weeks. After the two weeks, the next set of new Aligners in the plan are utilized. This continues until the teeth’s appearance and position are as desired.

Advantages of Invisalign in Highland Park

  1.     Invisalign Aligners are barely noticeable and usually do not affect your appearance.
  2.     Invisalign Aligners are removable so if you wish to remove them for a brief period, such as for a meeting or party, you may easily do so.
  3.     Invisalign Aligners are more comfortable and smoother than traditional braces. There are no protruding or sharp edges that irritate or scratch the gums and mouth.
  4.     Invisalign treatment is fully computerized, so you will know exactly what to expect by viewing the computer generated projection.
  5.     Invisible braces generally take less time to achieve your desired smile than traditional braces.

Who can use Invisalign?

Invisalign is recommended for teenagers and adults. Invisalign is a great option for people who lead a busy lifestyle but are looking for a beautiful smile. Invisible braces are the ultimate choice when it comes to teeth straightening as they take advantage of cutting-edge technology and are custom designed to fit your teeth. Contact us to learn more about Invisalign with Dr. Boshes in Highland Park.

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