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What Sets Us Apart

Our Use of Advanced Technology

Committed to your dental well-being, we use technologically advanced equipment in an environment that encourages relaxation. Many procedures involve our Solea® laser that helps us deliver virtually pain-free care. This usually eliminates the need for anesthesia, plus it shortens the time you will need to spend in our office. The Solea laser is also quiet and vibration free, which puts you at ease during a procedure. As one of the few dental offices in Illinois using this technology, it is an example of all we do to enhance your dental experience.

We bring this same tech-focused philosophy to our specialized safety systems. Through precision infection control measures, we strictly maintain cross-contamination and sterilization processes exceeding standards.

Our Dedication to Your Comfort

Building a foundation of trust as we treat patients is the key to our success. We understand some people feel uneasy about dental care, and we will work with you to ensure you have a positive experience. Since preventive dentistry is critical to long-term oral health, we would like to get to know you through regular dental cleaning visits. As additional treatment is needed, we will guide you through cosmetic and restorative options focusing on your optimal dental health.

Our Extensive Dental Offerings

As a family dentist, we understand that each person deserves a personalized treatment planned and thus, assure personalized care and attention. We make our patients feel at home while offering unmatched services:

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